thrice concert

It has been SO GREAT to get back to seeing live music again! Got to see Thrice when they came through Salt Lake City with Touché Amore. It had been 15 years since I saw Thrice last! They put on a great show. Check out Horizons/East from Thrice on all streaming platforms!

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POPPY concert

I never got around to posting the photos from this show before the pandemic! Poppy put on a great show and was great to see her. Enjoy the photos and check our her latest album “Flux”!

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When I found out Northlane was coming back to the states I had to see them – I’ve heard great things about their live performances and I’ve been a big fan of their music. Check out the photos from the show here!



Is this real life?! It’s so amazing that I was able to shoot an Anberlin concert in 2019! Never thought that would be a reality because these boys have been “on hiatus” for years now (that usually means broken up). But yes – this is real life and these are real photos from Anberlin playing a concert in 2019 in Salt Lake City. Check it out!


Top 10 Albums of 2018

Well it seems everyone is doing some sort of “best of 2018” list and I felt left out…so here is mine! This was extremely hard to just choose 10 albums – I left out many worthy albums – but these 10 couldn’t be left out, in my humble opinion. Do yourself a favor and check […]

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Okay I’m a little late getting this one up (insert excuse about the holiday season being busy here) but it was worth the wait! I went to see Capstan (recently signed to Fearless Records – the “it” label right now) as they toured with Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights (as is obvious from the backdrop in the […]