New Music Friday


It’s another new music Friday!


If you didn’t know (and you’ve been living under a rock) every Friday, artists release new music – whether that be albums, singles, etc.

It’s the best when lots of good music is released on one day!

Here’s what I’m vibing this week…

I was a little apprehensive when I heard Bobi Andonov described as “basically the new Prince/George Michael/Michael Hutchence rolled into one” but once I heard the chorus of this song, I WAS HOOKED.

Okay, Bobi – I see you, brother! Hopefully there is much more to come.


I the Mighty came out with a new LP today titled “Where the Mind Wants to Go/Where You Let it Go”.

I’ve liked these guys for a long time. Here is a single from the album. Definitely check them out.


This is a single off “Reaper” by nothing, nowhere. and I dig it. Interesting signing for Equal Vision.

Reminds me a bit of early blackbear but more atmospheric and mellow.


Another band I’ve loved for a long time. We Came As Romans just released the LP “Cold Like War” and here is the same-titled single from the album.

They have changed on every album but I’ve always liked the progression.


H.E.R. is the mystery R&B artist that has put out a couple of EPs and just now released her self-titled LP with six new songs, in addition to songs from the EPs.

If you need some good R&B/Soul, look no further.


And last but not least, Veil of Maya came out with a new LP today as well, titled “False Idol”. If you’re into metal or djent, you will like.


That’s it for this week. Hopefully you found something new that you like!

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