Hail the Sun Concert

I was privileged to attend a show a few weeks back now at Kilby Court (one of Salt Lake’s most interesting venues) as you can see below.


If you haven’t made it to a show at Kilby, put it on your bucket list and get there. You’d be surprised at acts come through there.

Tonight was Good Tiger, Hail the Sun, and I The Mighty – great lineup – although I was there for Hail the Sun, one of my favorite newer bands.

Good Tiger was up first and put on a reasonably entertaining set…good album.


Next was Hail the Sun, and they KILLED IT! Man, they have some talented musicians. Their singer sang a few songs, then hopped on the drum kit and sang while he played! I was next to their guitarist and he absolutely shredded

Great performance!


Thanks to Hail the Sun for letting me attend. You guys are awesome.

Finally, I the Mighty performed. I really dig their new record – lots of good songs, and their strongest offering to date. I snapped a few photos here but didn’t stay the whole set because their roadie was not super chill and didn’t give me any room to take photos.


So all-in-all, a great show – more shows coming soon!

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