It’s another new music Friday!


If you didn’t know (and you’ve been living under a rock) every Friday, artists release new music – whether that be albums, singles, etc.

It’s the best when lots of good music is released on one day!

Here’s what I’m vibing this week…


Okay, special shoutout to Chapel, a pop band who finally released “Sunday Brunch” via Rise Records! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. They’ve been teasing us song by song over the latter half of this year and I’ve loved everything they have released.

Sunday Brunch is one of those short albums that is packed full of instant classics with songs that get stuck in your head by the catchy melodies belted out by Carter Hardin. He’s also a great follow on twitter (

This is an album for everyone – you, your Mom, and your Dad. But especially for the Dads.


Tove Lo released “Blue Lips” today, which is her new LP billed as “Lady Wood Phase II”. Her first single is called “Disco t*ts” which is raunchier than I want to post here, so here is “Cycles” from the album to check out.



PnB Rock is a Philadelphia hip-hop crooner. Not someone who I knew much about before seeing this new album “Catch These Vibes” but someone bringing something fresh to the R&B/hip-hop genre.


Hope you find something new that you like – see you next week!

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