It’s another new music Friday!


If you didn’t know (and you’ve been living under a rock) every Friday, artists release new music – whether that be albums, singles, etc.

It’s the best when lots of good music is released on one day!

Here’s what I’m vibing this week…


Okay I never thought this day would come, if I’m being honest.

That is, the day that Glassjaw – the influential post-hardcore act from the early 2000’s – came out with a new LP. But it happened. Today.

Welcome to Material Control.

Glassjaw’s last LP, Worship and Tribute, is considered one of the best ever done, and was the first “heavy” CD (yes, I’m old enough where I actually bought CDs as a kid) I ever bought. It opened my eyes to an entirely new genre of music.

Fast forward 15 years to 2017 and Glassjaw finally released a new album called Material Control. Good or bad, I’m going to spend a lot of time listening to it. And I think its pretty good.


CYN is crazy catchy pop music, and is a fun listen!

She goes all teenage girl crush in this “Only With You” video which is definitely worth checking out. I imagine a LP will follow in 2018 sometime.


Swedish/Australian duo Kate Boy also returns today with a stunning new track “True Colours”.

Spacey-pop for audiophiles who can appreciate some good synth. Looks like some good is ahead for these guys.



So what do you think – find anything new that you like this week?


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