New Music Friday

It’s another new music Friday!


If you didn’t know (and you’ve been living under a rock) every Friday, artists release new music – whether that be albums, singles, etc.

It’s the best when lots of good music is released on one day! But that doesn’t always happen, so I cover it when good stuff comes out.

Here’s what I’m vibing this week…



Billie Eilish came out with a new single today, featuring Vince Staples (another favorite of mine) and it qualifies as good stuff!

If you don’t know who Billie is, then yes, you do live under a rock – but that’s okay! That’s why you have me 🙂  she’s just your average 15 year old who’s selling out tours across Europe and North America next year…you know, the usual stuff.

Get on the Billie-train before there’s no room!


Gotta give a shout out to my boy, Gerald! AKA G-Eazy.

His new album, The Beautiful & Damned, came out today wordlwide and so far, it’s living up to the hype for me.

Love me some G.


Charli XCX came out with an album today, Pop 2, which is a classic Charli banger. One talented girl who’s been bringing it for years.

Definitely recommend.


Pia Mia has been slowly releasing music over the last year or two, but her new EP, The Gift, finally brings a group of fun pop songs together for once.

Princess Pia Mia is pop music at its finest, and is fun as hell to listen to!


Had to give a shout out to my main girl Devon Baldwin – so freaking talented. She’s slowly been putting out great music for years, and has to blow up at some point.

Dream pop a good descriptor? Idk.

But for now, enjoy her new single “Shot For Me” and her mesmerizing voice backed by piano.



Hope you found something new you liked! If so, leave your comment below!

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