In Hearts Wake Concert

What a great metal show this was! Every band brought it, and as each band played, the more the vibe was cranked up in the room.

What a great show to attend and be a part of!

Thanks again to UNFD in Australia and In Hearts Wake for letting me be their guest at The Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photos of the bands below…enjoy!




Like Moths to FlamesIMG_6700-minIMG_6773-minIMG_6777-minIMG_6798-minIMG_6837-min


Fit For a KingIMG_6928-minIMG_6937-minIMG_6953-minIMG_6976-min


In Hearts WakeIMG_6988-minIMG_6993-minIMG_7013-minIMG_7085-minIMG_7106-minIMG_7112-minIMG_7113-minIMG_7180-min

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