Cashmere Cat/MØ Concert

Cashmere Cat and MØ came to Salt Lake last week and played at The Depot. What a great show!

I had known Cashmere Cat from producing a number of songs on Halsey’s latest album but otherwise, I didn’t know his music very much. His DJ set caught me off guard at how good it was and made me a fast fan!


Fans definitely enjoyed it as well.

MØ even came out for one song and broke it down, dancing on the DJ table! It gave a preview for what would be a great performance by MØ as well.


MØ and her band came out next to headline the show, and they did not disappoint! Her vocals sounded perfect throughout the night, the music was spot-on, and she spent a lot of time down at crowd level, loving on the fans and overall, putting on a stellar performance!

It was a beautiful experience seeing the passion and excitement MØ performs with, how much she loves her fans, and how much fun she has doing her job.


What a great night! Thanks to RCA Records for having me. I would highly recommend seeing MØ live if you have the chance.

I also hope you enjoyed the photos here – I just got a new camera and this was the first show using it. I know I have noticed a big upgrade in the photo quality…did you? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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