Album Review: Resurgence​ by Voices

Okay, I have something to admit…I’m an Apple fanboy. I love Apple products! And I especially love Apple Music – it is not only my streaming weapon-of-choice – it has become a great source for finding new music as well.

Back in December, a track came up on my weekly New Music Mix playlist on Apple Music from a band called Voices. The track was titled “Demons” which is the first song on their EP Resurgence I later found out.

I was an instant fan. Demons is my favorite song on the EP and also their strongest song on the album. I’m a sucker for quality metalcore, which this is – I’ll never get tired of well-constructed breakdowns and riffs, fun electronic parts, and thoughtful, catchy vocals (always important to me because some heavy stuff gets SUPER repetitive with just screams).

I would almost say the song is driven by the vocals, which I love for this kind of music. They put together many strong and interesting features into this one song and blended them well together.

This song and the whole album really features a raw intensity in each song. What I like though is that it’s paired with pop sensibilities in the melodies of the songs, which is important to me. In my opinion, heavy bands like this need someone to bring melody into the songs to make them stand out from the rest of the pack.

There’s almost a mental checklist I go through when I listen to heavy music. Do they have a talented drummer? Check. Cool riffs? Check. Good singer? Check. Fun heavy parts? Check. These guys check the boxes for me.

Now when I compare the rest of the songs on the album to Demons do they blend together a bit more for me? Yeah, they do. But what band doesn’t in the genre? The songs are just a little more formulaic to my ear.

However, this band and its songwriting will continue to grow if they stick with it. They have shown they have immense talent and a knack for putting together quality songs. And I for one look forward to what more comes from these guys!



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