Hey y’all, great to be back with an incredible concert to share! I was privileged to attend the Quicksand and Glassjaw tour as they made their way through Salt Lake City at the Complex. It lived up to the hype.


Daryl, how did you feel it went?



I have been a fan of Glassjaw for 15 years, which is just crazy! They were the first “heavy” band I got into – Chad from New Found Glory mentioned in a CD booklet that these guys were one of his biggest influences, and so I had to buy their CD Worship and Tribute (back when buying CDs was a thing) and see what Chad was talking about!


Needless to say, I bought in.

Once I was old enough to start attending concerts, Glassjaw was long done touring and operating as an active band. It was always a dream of mine that they would get back together and at the very least, play some shows which I could attend.


That dream came true earlier this year when they got back together (officially) and released a new LP Material Control and toured with the Used. That show was good, this was much better.

Glassjaw sounds like they have a new bounce in their step. Maybe it’s the new album, maybe it’s being appreciative of what they have in a band that people care deeply about and having the maturity to understand that.


And while they don’t jump around on stage like they did in their 20s, their performance started out slow and mellow (as mellow as a hardcore band can be), grew with a crescendo and had a powerful climax by the end where the passion these men have for their music is clear and evident.


So if you have the opportunity to catch Glassjaw on tour with Quicksand on any of the dates left, do yourself a favor and GO!!! You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the photos! I took almost a thousand, and it was extremely difficult to pick which ones to share.


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