It’s another new music roundup!


Instead of featuring what came out on a given Friday (when new music is released, for the most part) I’m going to start sharing new music roundups once I have enough good releases to talk about.

Looking for something new? Check these out and see what you think!

Miss Fortune released “How The Story Ends” recently and I’ve been a huge fan of this band’s music for years now. Really excited about this new release and I love what they’ve done. Talented dudes. Favorite song – Wedding Night.


You better believe I’m repping ANNISOKAY and their new release “Arms” – can’t say enough good things about this album. Metalcore masterpiece.


Now…a note. I do not consider myself a fan of pop-punk anymore. I think I’ve outgrown that specific genre, though I lend it a lot of credit in helping me discover what I really like. But…Belmont is not “just pop-punk” to me. The riffs. The breakdowns. They got me. The singing? Yep, don’t love it. Way too “classic punk” for me. But the music is worth listening to on their self-titled effort.


Last but certainly not least, Makari. Upgraded with a new singer, these guys are badass. Nothing more to say, other than check this out and get with the program. “Hyperreal” out now via In Vogue Records (good label). Big things ahead.


Well, did you find anything new and great? Let me know!

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