Hi, my name is Jake and I’m the owner/editor of I AM HOLLYWOOD. My purpose is bringing great music to the world, one post at a time. Music is my passion, and this blog fulfills my desire to share great music with the world.

There is so much great music being made in the world today – most people just don’t know how or where to find it.

So many of us simply listen to what we find on the radio, what our parents or siblings listen to, or what friends tell us about. And I was that way too when I was younger…until my inquisitive nature and obsession with music lead me to start digging into these bands at a deeper level.

Who influenced these bands that I loved to listen to? What label were the bands signed to? Back when CDs were a thing, you could pull out the inserts that came in the jewel case and actually read these things – because the internet wasn’t a thing yet! (or at least it wasn’t at my house)

This made me curious, and I found that as I researched other acts on my favorite band’s label, they often sounded similar and I really liked them! My musical palette was expanding and it seemed to keep getting better with the more digging I did!

So over many years of diving into bands, their influences, their record labels…I began to develop an ear for what was good. (Or at least what would become popular, since being “good” is subjective, I suppose.) And I started to identify and like smaller bands and artists who had the potential to go big.

I also developed a knack for recommending new music to my friends and family, once I knew what their tastes were like. I received so much gratification and excitement when a friend found a new band to listen to from my recommendations! I don’t know why I enjoy doing this – I just do!

I’ve always wanted to scale this ability I have for discovering great, new music, and I’ve struggled with the “right way” to do that for years.

I believe I AM HOLLYWOOD is the vehicle for this.

While my day job has nothing to do with music, it has allowed me to develop skills in marketing and communications which directly apply to growing a successful blog. I’ve also had the opportunity to manage creative work like photography and design, bringing principles from that to the blog content here.

I AM HOLLYWOOD is becoming a go-to resource for fans of all music who are looking for coverage of their favorite artists and to discover great, new music to listen to. At the same time, IAH is a place where bands and artists have a platform to reach potential new fans.

I’m excited about this journey we’re on, bringing great new music to the world, one post at a time. Will you join me?