brokenCYDE Interview on Podcast

*NOTICE* we experienced some technical difficulties on our phone call and so there is some breaking up of the signal that I was unable to do anything about.

Hey, remember brokenCYDE? Of course, you do. But I’m going to remind you anyway.

Oh yeah…they were serious here. A perfect example of what can happen when “you do you” goes terribly wrong.

I was able to have a discussion with Mikl-Shea, one half of brokenCYDE, the critically-panned hip-hop group who pioneered screaming in modern rap and hip-hop, and he was a total pro.

It is clear that after listening to this interview that brokenCYDE has matured since their arrival on the “scene” back in the late aughts. Give a listen to their new music on their new record “0 to brokenCYDE” (released June 22nd via Cleopatra Records) and you’ll hear more of a traditional and modern hip-hop record – with cheesy screams nowhere to be found.

Thanks to Mikl-Shea for spending some time with the I AM HOLLYWOOD podcast and be sure to check out “0 to brokenCYDE” which is out now. I promise it isn’t terrible.

So check out the I AM HOLLYWOOD podcast, Subscribe, and download this latest episode.

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